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Phoebe wakes up one night in a pitch-black house. Her grandmother is nowhere to be seen. Patches of the forest ground had been sprung hundreds of feet into the sky on long, twisty roots. A tree monster clinging to the bottom of the yard offers to help her find her grandmother. He allows Phoebe to command his powers using fairy circles scattered throughout the world.


Solve puzzles by moving and aligning isles to create a path for yourself. Platform through a segmented landscape. Use the environment to defeat the cursed monster who is rooted to the end of your journey. 


Collect paper cranes hidden throughout the levels!

Get the soundtrack here: https://belleif.bandcamp.com/album/rooted-ost



Phoebe Mae - Briana Vnuk 

Taurry - Matthew Eberle

Monster - Andrew Vasquez


Lead Artist - Andrew Vasquez

Storyboard Artist - Lauren Estrada

Concept Artist - Briana Vnuk, Matthew Eberle, Andy Vasquez, Lauren Estrada

Animator - Andrew Vasquez, Marco Konradi, Matthew Eberle

3D Modeler - Matthew Eberle, Andrew Vasquez, Ana Wallace, Bofei Hu, Lauren Estrada, Marco Torres, Marco Konradi, Anthony Banches, Briana Vnuk

Technical Artist - Joseph Meyer

GUI Artist - Andrew Vasquez, Briana Vnuk

Graphic Artist - Andrew Vasquez 

Lighting Artist - Jonathan Sanchez


Sound Engineer - Andrew Vasquez, Marco Konradi

Music Composition - Matthew Eberle

Level Design

Lead Level Designer - Zachary Hall

Level Designer - Zachary Hall, Joseph Meyer, Deven Zimmer, Daniel Hernandez, Justin Candelario

Level Builder - Joseph Meyer, Jonathan Sanchez, Justin Candelario

Unity Developer - John Trowbridge

Asset Importer - Joseph Meyer


Lead Programmer - John Trowbridge

Programmer - Jack Boland, Justus Nicholas

QA Team

Build Manager - John Trowbridge

Quality Checker - Andrew Vasquez, Matthew Eberle


Writer - Matthew Eberle

Producer/Product Owner - Matthew Eberle

Project Manager - Matthew Eberle

Dedicated to Rosto

Special thanks to Patricia Sipes and Vicky Sertich


Install instructions

Download the .ZIP file. Right click and choose Extract All, then choose a location. Run Rooted.exe from the extracted folder.


ROOTED VER 1.8.zip 727 MB
ROOTED VER 1.8 MAC.app.zip 737 MB


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great jobs

My review on version 1.12.1 zip 

First off, I'm very impressed on the art and animation workflow of things nicely done everyone seem to do their part well.

Alright on to the review:

When I first open up the application it was automatically set to max volume, for a person like myself it doesn't bother me. However, someone was to play blindly they would jump on how loud it set to not sure if the game read my computer volume was set to max or so? The volume when I try pausing to test out if I could adjust the sound it did, but just immediately cuts off the sound all together. The music is good, but could really need another one or more music and not just two. One issue I have with the game was the intro to the first level where the character talks and after that stop talking in the rest of the level once the bird get introduced in the scene. Some puzzles may want to readjust the camera, so that way they would know where to set the puzzles.Some of the jumping may experience some collision during the jumping platforms someone like myself would get a little frustrated on waiting for an opening to jump.